About company

The word "hvilina" means "minute" in Belarusian and has an interesting history. In English, "Hwyl" means inspiration, enthusiasm. The duration of such a state is usually short. In turn the connection of a short period of time with a bright emotional elation, probably served in the Belarusian language as the basis for a word for a short period, ie "hvilina", in which this emotional elation lasts. This message is the best possible way to describe our product, which we would like you to always see as "hvilina" inspiration and enthusiasm.

The HVILINA brand was founded in 2014. Initially, the company specialized in the creation of individually designed wristwatches and operated on the Belarusian market.

The year 2020 was a breakthrough in the company's history: there was a rebranding and entry into the retail market, as well as reorganization into "Hvilina watcn manufactory" LLC.

Today, Hvilina watch manufactory regularly releases collections under its own brand, develops exclusive lines of watches for corporate clients and produces accessories.

During the six years of its existence on the market, the company managed to create in-house production, build a team of professionals and become an expert in the field of designing and manufacturing wristwatches.

Since the beginning of the company's existence, more than 600 different modifications and projects have been implemented.

Thousands of satisfied customers inspire us to create new amazing HVILINA products and guarantee the quality of our products.